Oral surgery includes the diagnosis and treatment of various oral disorders, including:

1. New generation of platelet concentrate  

2. Bone grafts 

3. Surgical extractions 

4. Gum grafts

5. Implantology

6. Oral rehabilitation  


1. New generation of platelet concentrates  

Platelet concentrates allow growth factors to be obtained from the patient’s own blood. These growth factors stimulate and accelerate bone and gum regeneration.

The benefits of these systems began to be seen in 1970. The first generations of platelet concentrates, such as the well-known plasma rich in platelets (PRP), or plasma rich in growth factors (PRF) have been widely used in medicine. , especially in sports medicine. We work with the new generation of platelet concentrates, concentrated growth factors  (CGF), which by means of the use of different spin speeds allows to separate a denser fibrin matrix, large and rich in growth factors.

2. Bone grafts

Given the need to place a dental implant, after doing a radiological study, we can find an insufficient amount of bone. Bone grafts allow you to recover lost bone. There are different techniques and materials to do so, which will be chosen according to the characteristics of each patient. As a general rule, a particulate material is required, which will be covered with a membrane, which will create a stable scaffold so that the body itself creates bone in this area.


Relatively often, we can find deficits in bone height in the upper jaw. In these situations, one of the most used techniques is the sinus lift. The maxillary sinus is a cavity of air located inside the maxillary bone. This can be partially filled with bone substitutes, allowing new bone to be created inside for the placement of implants.



3. Surgical extractions

We frequently find malpositioned teeth that must be removed to prevent the development of problems and injury to neighboring teeth. The teeth most frequently associated with this problem are wisdom teeth, which in many circumstances are located under the gum and / or bone and require surgical removal.